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Union Perlite, a company established in 2009 is the only manufacturer of expanded perlite of brands М75, М100, М150 according to GOST 10832-2009 and perlite filter aids (GOST 30566-98) in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.
In cooperation with The Perlite Institute (USA), China Perlite Association and The Ukrainian Research and Design Institute of Building Materials and Products "RDIBMP" (Ukraine) the company has all capabilities for using the most recent innovational technologies for manufacturing high-quality products on the basis of the expanded perlite.
Production facilities of the company in the cities of Kapshagai and Aktobe allow reaching annual output up to 300 000 cubic meters .
The expanded perlite is an innovational, thermal insulating, multifunctional environmentally friendly product.
This Project is implemented under the assistance from the Government Fund for Development of Entrepreneurship (DAMU).

One of the principal objectives of the enterprise is decreasing negative environmental impacts and promotion of the environmentally to support sustainable development.